Year 3 - Curriculum

Year 3 Curriculum Overviews
We have produced a curriculum overview for each term. These curriculum overviews give you information of what is being taught in each subject for that year group. 
If you want to know about the topics being taught for each year group then please visit the curriculum overview pages for each subject.
We will add the curriculum overviews throughout the year.
Year 3 Knowledge Organisers
We use knowledge organisers in school to support children learning knowledge in their long term memory. Knowledge organisers are also useful for parents to know more information about what their child is learning at school. 
On most knowledge organisers you will find a box of how children can develop their learning with you at home. 
When using knowledge organisers at home:
  • ask your child to explain the knowledge in the organiser (your child should know more than the information found in the organiser)
  • If there are key questions or key facts, discuss these with your child
  • focus on the key vocabulary and check that your child understands the vocabulary and its meaning
  • work on the home section of the knowledge organiser.
We will add knowledge organisers throughout the year.
Year 3 Literacy Knowledge Organisers
Year 3 Numeracy Knowledge Organisers
Year 3 Art & Design Knowledge Organisers
Year 3 History Knowledge Organisers