Overview of Curriculum Subjects: History

Overview of Curriculum Subjects
We teach a range of subjects in a similar way. Each of these subjects are taught as discrete subjects. This is because we are working on developing a child's schema in that subject. 
Please see our school curriculum model overview for more information. 
For each subject there are milestones. Milestone 1 is reached at the end of Year 2 and Milestone 2 is reached at the end of Year 4. During these two years of working towards a milestone, the children learn the fundamentals of knowledge (the basic knowledge) in the first year and then deepen their knowledge in the second year of working towards the milestone (this is the advancing stage with some children moving to the deep stage of understanding).
Year 1 Year 2
Milestone 1
Milestone 1
(Advancing & Deep)
We use mini topics to continue to to develop our understanding of key concepts within a milestone. During these mini topics, we can refer back to previous learning and make links to previous learning.
In Key Stage 2 (Years 3&4), the children return to a topic each term and will build up from Basic to Advancing and Deep within the academic year, rather than other two years. This is because, in Key Stage 2, children are learning the chronology of history as set out in the National Curriculum.
Throughout their time in working towards a milestone, children are also progressing in their vocabulary.
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