Reward systems

Reward Systems

Wow Cards

A child earns WOW stickers for hard work, for effort, for progress and for a particular outstanding piece of work. There is no limit to the amount of stickers a child can receive.

Children collect their WOW stickers on a card. Each child begins the academic year with a bronze WOW card. They need to collect 10 stickers to complete their bronze card. Then, they move to a Silver WOW card and finally to a Gold WOW card, collecting 10 stickers each time. When children have completed their WOW cards, they take their card home to celebrate their success with their parents. Completed WOW cards are also celebrated in our termly Sharing Assembly.

When children complete their Gold WOW cards, they receive a book from Miss Thorp, the Headteacher, to celebrate their success. Miss Thorp keeps a selection of books in her office for the child to choose from.


Marble Time

All children receive Marble Time when the whole class has achieved it class behaviour goal. Each class decides on a goal and then work collectively to achieving their goal by collecting 20 marbles. When they have earned Marble Time, the class gets 45 mins Marble Time when they can bring in a special toy or activity to play during Marble Time. Children have to work hard to achieve their Marble Time and they are always proud of their achievements when they achieve it!


DASP Citizens


We work in partnership with other local schools in DASP: The Dorchester Area Schools Partnership. 
Each year, in July, one child from each class in each DASP school is named as the DASP Citizen for that year. So, at our school, there will be a Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4 DASP citizen chosen each year. The DASP citizen is chosen, once again, by the children themselves.

All the children receive their DASP citizen plaques at a special DASP Awards Ceremony at the end of the academic year.


Class Dojo Points


Our children can gain class and individual Dojo points for being a good citizen. This includes demonstrating our 3 core values of respect, perseverance and compassion or being a good citizen around the school. Finally, children can also be awarded Dojo points for being a good Eco Warrior!


The School Kindness Tree


In our school hall, there is a very large Kindness Tree. It reminds the children, every day, that we expect kind hands and kind words within our school. Each class collects kindness tokens during break and lunchtime and, at the end of each week, a leaf is put onto the tree for the class that has shown the greatest kindness that week. At the end of each term. the class with the most leaves on the tree earns itself extra marble time for that term.