Our Church School

Our School Vision and Values
As a voluntary aided church school, we have close links with the Salisbury Diocese and Crossways Church.

Our school vicar is: Reverend Gemma Donnell

Our School Vision
"Together, with God's love, we learn,
nurture and grow, without limits."
Our School Bible Quote
"If one part suffers, all suffer together;
If one flourishes, all rejoice together."
( 1 Corinthians 12.26)
Our School Values
The school has 3 core values that we believe are essential to maintaining a positive learning environment.
These values are:
                       Respect                        Compassion                    Perseverance 
Our Vision Board
It took us two years to review our school vision and motto. This was because it was reviewed during the the two years between September 2019 and July 2021 (during the Covid-19 pandemic)!
We still managed to consult with everyone and ensure that everyone's voice was heard. It just took a little longer...
We created our new Vision Board during our whole school Vision Day.
You can find out more about our school vision and what everything means on the board by reading our Vision Leaflet below.
Our School Vision Leaflet

Collective Worship


It is not always easy to define what makes a church school special but at Frome Valley, we believe that a significant part of this comes from the time and effort invested in Collective Worship. It provides a real sense of community and family within the school and is an integral part of the school day.

Collective Worship is an act of Christian praise which focuses on a specific value each half term. These values rotate on a three year rolling programme. 

Our Collective Worship planning is based on the Roots and Fruits planning.


Year A Values







Year B Values






Truth & Truthfulness

Year C Values




Advent & Christmas

Holy Week & Easter


During Collective Worship, a candle is lit and staff lead the children in exploring the weekly theme linked to our half termly value. This may be through a Bible story, a PowerPoint, video or role play. Children are encouraged to reflect on the theme and to say a prayer if they wish to.
Each Thursday, Collective Worship is led by our local vicar Reverend Gemma Donnell. Since September 2022, we also have members of the church community leading Open the Book assemblies of key Bible stories.
We invite parents and friends to join us towards the end of each term for a Sharing Assembly and also to join us in St Aldhelm Church for the annual Harvest Festival, Christingle and Nativity Services.
Children may be withdrawn from all or part of Collective Worship by parental request to the Headteacher. School staff wil supervise children withdrawn from Collective Worship.
RE at Frome Valley First School
The Curriculum
Religious Education is taught to all children. The curriculum is taught through the 'Understanding Christianity' and 'The Emmanuel Project'.
The curriculum is available for parents to examine if they wish, and children may be withdrawn from some or all of this by request to the Headteacher.
Around the School
The school is very proud of its links with the church and actively promotes a Christian ethos within the school.
We have a Reflection Area in the main corridor and the Frome Valley Reflection Group take the lead in creating a whole school display linked to the current half termly theme.
Display boards around the school reflect our school values and celebrate different events within the Christian calendar.
Frome Valley Reflection Area
To support and develop the reflective nature of the children in our Church School, we have special Reflection Area set up in the main school corridor for all to see.  The Reflection Area is an interactive display that links to the values taught in our daily Collective Worships. Our Vicar, Revd Gemma Donnell, organises the Reflection Area each half term.