A huge welcome from us.

Hello and a huge welcome to our preschool website.
Thank you for taking the time to come and visit.
We are a small preschool situated within a first school in a small village in Dorset. We cater for children aged between 2 and 5 years old and have one room in which we care for the children.  We have direct access to a locked, shared outside area.  We share this area and others with the reception class which builds strong connections for the children as they progress and transition onto the next stage of their education.  We also have access to a large field and all weather playing space enabling us to use the outdoors as much as possible, to enhance children's learning, with lots of exciting toys and equipment and wonderful places to explore. 
From birth to five is when our children are shaped into the people they will become so it is vital young children get a good start in life. All our children at the setting get a great start in life through the high quality delivery of our Early Years Curriculum.  We use the EYFS to foster your child's own interests and offer activities that extend, enrich and develop each individual child's potential.  We actively encourage 'play' more technically known as Child Initiated Play.  Through play children develop intellectually, creatively, physically, socially and emotionally.  We use Development matters to plan and provide a range of meaningful and tailored activities to suit each child's individual needs.  In some of these areas, children will decide how they use the activity and in others, an adult will take the lead.  The skills developed in preschool with be the foundation blocks as they progress into reception and throughout the rest of their school life. 
Our team are warm, caring, friendly, enthusiastic, highly qualified and who love the job they do.  Our team know all the children well and provide planned, structured, varied and exciting play with kind encouragement and support.  We are a Trauma Informed preschool and place relationship development at the forefront of our practice and at the start of your child's journey with us.  We foster a co-regulation approach to support the social and emotional development of your child as they make their journey into education for the first time.  We play and learn in fun and exciting ways and develop social and emotional skills which are important and will support them through school and through life. 
Choosing the best childcare for your child is a bid decision so please arrange to come and see us and find out more.