Overview of Curriculum Subjects: Literacy

Overview of Curriculum Subjects
PHONICS: We teach phonics through Read Write Inc (RWI). This is a systematic scheme for the teaching of phonics. Children learn sets of sounds and, when ready, bring home books that they can decode with their growing phonics knowledge. 
For more information on RWI, please see the resources and link below.
Through the link and the PowerPoint presentation for parents, you can find out how to say the letter sounds and the rhymes that are taught with the letter sounds. You can also find out the order in which the sounds are taught.
Our Preschool uses RWI Nursery to support the introduction of phonic skills.
Reading Overview
As well as Read Write Inc (RWI), we continue to teach reading through guided reading and whole class guided reading. These guided reading sessions focus on fluency, word building as well as comprehension.
Each year, each class also focuses on a selection of books. We have chosen these books carefully to include a range of books that cover the following elements:
  • archaic language
  • non-linear time sequence
  • narratively complex stories
  • figurative/symbolic texts
  • resistant texts (written to deliberately resist easy meaning-making by readers).
These are five types of texts that children should have access to in order to successfully navigate reading with confidence. These are complex beyond a lexical level and demand more from the reader than other types of books.
Below is a table of the focus books in each year group.
You can also read more books from these text types at home by referring to the Five Plagues Reading Spine.
Writing Overviews
We teach many areas of Literacy writing through a scheme of work. This particularly focuses on Spelling and Grammar (SPAG) as well as some composition work. There is a focus on the learning of vocabulary as well as the application of skills.
Below are the overviews for each class.
We focus on writing skills in other curriculum subjects and teach writing a Golden Sentence in curriculum subjects other than Literacy. We also practise skills such as using connectives in other curriculum subjects.
Year 1 Writing Overview
Year 2 Writing Overview
Year 3 Writing Overview
Year 4 Writing Overview
Language and Communication
We know the importance of the word gap in children's language development. We focus on language and vocabulary in all curriculum subjects and have planned a progression in vocabulary across year groups in all subjects.
In our Preschool and Reception, we use WellComm as a speech and language screening toolkit and intervention.