Spring 2023

Computing: Beebots!
Reception have been introduced to the 'beebots' and have been exploring how to control them and move them around. They have been learning about the control panel and how to give the beebots instructions to follow. Reception have been learning some directional language as well, such as forwards, backwards and sideways.
Measuring Beanstalks!
In Maths, Reception have been learning about 'height' and have been using the language of 'tall', 'taller' and 'tallest' to describe the heights of different objects. They have been learning about the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk' in literacy, so what better way to test their new measuring skills by measuring the height of different beanstalks! The children have learnt the importance of making sure the cubes start right at the bottom of the beanstalk and finish right at the top! 
RE : The Easter Story
In RE this half term, Reception have been learning about the Christian concept of 'Salvation' and have been investigating the enquiry question; 'Why do Christians put a cross in an Easter garden?'
Throughout the mini-topic, the children have explored and learnt about Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. 
Reception enjoyed acting out Jesus' arrival into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, making lots of noise with instruments and waving flags and ribbons. They made their own palm crosses to take home too. 
They learnt about 'Good Friday' and created Easter gardens in small groups. They thought of what needed to be included and decided on a tomb, eggs, flowers and a cross. 
They learnt about Easter Sunday and the symbols of 'new life'. We then used an aerial map of the school to go on an Easter egg hunt! We found lots of eggs! 
People Who Help Us 
Reception have been learning about 'People Who Help Us'. PCSO Alison came to visit us with her police dog helper, Sam. She spoke to us about how to keep ourselves safe and told us more about what the police service does to help us too. We were lucky enough to try on some real police uniform, but some of it was a little too big! 
The Fire Service came to visit and brought their fire engine. We learnt about all of the different equipment that is used in emergencies and we got to spray the huge hose pipes! 
Karen, the education officer from the Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service, came to teach us about how to keep safe around fires and objects that can cause fires. She taught what to do in case of an emergency and told us that we must make sure adults check the smoke detectors in our homes regularly.