Autumn 2022

Music - Exploring pitch and dynamics
We used the chime bars, glockenspiels and xylophones to explore pitch and dynamics. We listened to the pitch of the notes we played to distinguish between high and low notes. 
We composed our own 5 note tunes while exploring dynamics. 
Starry Night Art
In our art lessons we have looked at the work of Vincent Van Gogh. We worked together as a whole class to create our own version of Starry Night. 
We all painted background pieces and put them together. Then we created the separate buildings, trees, stars and moon to add to the background. Some of us added details by painting straight onto the wall like real artists painting onto a large canvas. 
We are really pleased with our finished art work. 
Santa Science
We had a very special challenge from Father Christmas to find the best material to use for a new toy sack for him. Santa sent us a selection of fabrics to choose from and we investigated which were waterproof and strong enough to carry all his presents. 
We had to use all our science skills to discover which fabrics to recommend.