Safer Internet Day 2020

Safer Internet Day 2020: Together for a Better Internet
Safer internet day was globally celebrated with the theme: Together for a Better Internet! Below is how each class learnt about ways in which we use the internet and how we keep ourselves safe online. 
In Reception class, we started by discovering which of us use the internet and how often we use it. The results showed that we all used the internet and we used it every day of the week! Most surprising was that everyone is the room used an Amazon Alexa device! We learnt that things we do every day in school use the internet too, such as using our 'Dojo Points' or Miss Padfield taking the register. 
Then we listened to two different stories throughout the day that taught as a lot about how to keep safe online, including not sharing personal information, not speaking to strangers and not dowloading games or watching videos that are not age appropriate. 
The stories of 'Smartie the Penguin' and 'Buddy the Dog' both encouraged us to always ask a grown up for help when online and faced with anything we are unsure of. We wrote down who we could ask for help.
Year 2
We found out that we all use the internet a lot in Year 2. We talked about how to stay safe using the internet. 
One of the things which we considered to be most important was not to give out any personal details online. 
We made some posters to remind us and others of how to stay safe. 
Year 4
In Year 4 the children watched a series of short cartoons covering different aspects of safe internet use. The cartoons are part of an educational package produced by They are available to watch if you follow this link
After watching each cartoon, Year 4 did various follow up activities. They drew their digital foot print showing all the fun activities they like to do online. The class also produced a cartoon showing how to deal with cyber bullying called 'The Power of Words'. Other activities encouraged the children to consider what kinds of personal information is safe to be shared on the internet, how to tell if information on websites is reliable and the dangers of arranging to meet up with people you meet online.