Well-Being Day Spring 2020

Well-Being and Citizenship Day
The importance of good mental health and well-being is at the forefront of education and health services at the moment. We spent part of our Spring Well-being Day focusing on mental health and well-being and ensuring that our children know strategies to use to support themselves and others and to keep themselves feeling mentally well. The children had come into school dressed in blue to signify their commitment to Anti-bullying. In the afternoon, each class took part in lessons that emphasised the importance of being a good citizen both in school and in the wider world. 
Find out what each class got up to below:

Year 3

In Year 3, we learnt about children from urban and countryside environments from Ethiopia, India, Peru and Viet Nam. We compared their lives with ours and had some insightful conversations about life.


We build on our learning from the previous term about the importance of keeping our mind healthy as well as the rest of our body. We learnt about ways to keep our mind healthy including exercise, sleep and talking! We practiced some mindful yoga and learnt breathing techniques which help to prevent as well as deal with worrying. 


 In the afternoon, as part of anti-bullying, we learnt about what might lead us to be unkind and how we can magage such feelings and senarios better.